Witch hunt against American based on false charges

September 29, 2004 8:00 pm0 comments

To the Editor:

Re: “Cornell American Embattled,” News, Sept. 29

Members of the Student Assembly Finance Commission launched a witch hunt last week when they froze the assets of The Cornell American.

As the leaders of that newspaper, we would like to formally thank the Daily Sun for defending the First Amendment rights under assault by a partisan Student Assembly. New information has surfaced that compels all Cornellians, regardless of political persuasion, to be eternally vigilant in support of our rights. This new evidence exposes the bogus ethics charges against us and the Machiavellian tactics behind them.

First, the SAFC commissioners who presided over the American’s budget hearing, who had more information about us than anyone, supported our receiving full funding of $5,400 last semester. In fact, it was the left-wing SAFC Executive Committee which, with a one-vote majority, overruled its own commissioners and defunded us. When they did so, they were in effect saying one of two things: either the SAFC commissioners are also in on the “fraud” or they are totally incompetent.

Second, in clear violation of the S.A.’s own guidelines, a select few are hoping to apply a rule retroactively. The draconian resolution under which the American is being prosecuted did not exist when the alleged misconduct took place but was written later by Cornell Democrats president Tim Lim ’06 in the wake of a previously defeated censorship effort.

Nevertheless, we are confident that with your help, this pathetic attempt to censor us, like all the others, will ultimately fail because it is illegal, immoral, unethical, and unprecedented.

Eric Shive ’07
Editor in Chief, The Cornell American
President, Cornell Literary Society

Michael E. Hint ’06
Publisher, The Cornell American
Treasurer, Cornell Literary Society

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