Physics and Pyrotechnics

October 15, 2009 3:59 am0 comments
Jessica Stitt

New Theory Of Relativity
Girl 1:
Do you think that you’re smart?
Girl 2: Depends on who I am hanging out with.
— Olin Library

Hide and Seek Redemption
I found Jesus. He was hiding under my bed.
— Outside the Clocktower

Projectile Pyrotechnics
Brosky One:
Do you think you could drink so much that you could light your puke on fire?
Brosky Two: I don’t know, let’s ask Dan.
Brosky One: Daaan!
— Stone Palace

Your Igloo-teus Maximus Is Showing!
Sorority Sister [in reference to Halloween plans]:
Hey, I’ve got an Eski-ho costume you could borrow!
— Buffalo, N.Y.

You Don’t Walk; You Stalk Prey
You have the gait of a velociraptor.
— Olin Library

Boozin’ and Booty Callin’
College Casanova:
Thing is, I get phone numbers like crazy when I’m drunk!
— Appel

Rodent Is All the Rage This Year
Silly girl, squealing:
I LOVE albino squirrels! I want an albino squirrel jacket! … I LOVE fur.