Campus Sound Off

January 28, 2013 12:00 am0 comments
Sun Staff

On Campus Sound Off, faces and places around campus comment on the latest news in pop culture. Who knew they had so much to say?! Campus Sound Off runs whenever we feel like it.

This week’s topic: Who should have been chosen to perform in the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Touchdown the Bear: “Me. I’ve been trying to book that gig under my pseudonym, DJ Yo G Bear a.k.a. the Bad News Bear a.k.a. Salmonkilla, for months now.” 

Ezra Cornell Statue: “Certainly not Beyoncé, after these lip-syncing shenanigans. I hadn’t been that disturbed since Francis Scott Key plagiarized the National Anthem.

Green Dragon Café: “Who cares? The Super Bowl is just a Crypto-Fascist tool to sedate the proletariat. I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl.”

Collegetown Bagels: “I’m pretty satisfied with the choice. You’d be surprised how many groovy smoothie names you can derive from the name’Blue Ivy Carter.’ 10,872.”

Hercules Statue Outside Statler Hall:YOU DARE DISTURB ME WITH SUCH RIDICULOUS TRIFLES? Well, actually, I’ve really been digging 1D’s latest release. Fabulous stuff.”

Cocktail Lounge: “Well, to me, there’s nothing sweeter than the sound of an iPhone alarm clock going off unattended for 30 minutes. ”