The Onion Headed to Cornell

September 25, 2013 11:46 pm0 comments


A writer or editor from the satirical publication, The Onion, will give Cornellians an inside look at the news organization on Oct. 16, the Cornell University Program Board announced Wednesday.

“The Onion is a very popular publication with a strong online presence, and it is well known among Cornell students, and we think it will be a great, fun event,” CUPB Chairperson Richmond Wong ’14 said.

Wong said the event, which will be held at Statler Auditorium and led by either a senior writer or editor from The Onion, will give Cornell students an inside look at the satirical newspaper.

“We expect them to be doing a humorous conversation about what they do at The Onion, how content gets produced and [let students] take a look a little bit behind the scenes and get to see the popular clips and headlines on the Onion,” Wong said.

The upcoming event will not be the first time a member of The Onion stepped foot on campus. Rob Siegel, senior editor for The Onion, came to Cornell in 2002 and had a well-received show, according to Wong.

He said he anticipates that the Cornell student body will enjoy this show as well.

“I’m definitely excited to go,” Chang Ha Kim ’15 said. “I think the way [The Onion] is able to highlight the absurdities of current events through satire is great. Despite it being a fake newspaper, it really reveals a lot about the public’s unsaid views of certain controversial issues.”

Mike Mongelli ’15 echoed Kim’s sentiment.

“It’s exciting that such a well-known satire newspaper will be on campus,” Mongelli said. “I love sarcasm, so I always find The Onion really entertaining.”

Ben Gandesbery ’15 also expressed appreciation of The Onion’s work.

“I think [The Onion is] very funny and very witty,” he said. “I wouldn’t really call it a news source, but it’s very funny because it tends to poke fun at more serious issues. It gives a sarcastic lighthearted twist on the news, so I think that’s very cool.”

Other students felt that a different publication should have been invited instead.

“It’s cool that a senior editor for a relatively major publication like [The Onion] is coming to Cornell,” said Ariel Smilowitz ’15. “But I also think that I would be more excited if someone from another publication came. Don’t really think The Onion is too relevant anymore.”

Students can pick up free tickets for the event at the Willard Straight Resource Center starting next Thursday, October 3.