Cornell Police Question Students After Reported Rape

November 4, 2013 1:00 am4 comments


Cornell Police officers are interviewing a student matching the description of the man who allegedly raped a woman at a West Campus fraternity party early Friday.

“All of the people we have interviewed related to this case are students,” Dave Honan, deputy chief of the Cornell University Police Department, said Sunday. “The case is still an open investigation. No arrests or referrals have been made at … [this] time.”

The alleged rape occurred at 118 McGraw Pl. — site of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, or Fiji — between 12:30 and 1:30 a.m. Friday, according to CUPD. The female victim told police that the perpetrator was a 6’0″ white male with blonde hair who was wearing an Indiana Jones costume.

After the reported rape occurred, the perpetrator fled the fraternity house in a southerly direction toward University Avenue and West Avenue, according to CUPD.

Police have determined that there is no active threat to the community. Still, the investigation is ongoing, Honan said, adding that CUPD cannot disclose further information about the case at this time.

  • northern hick

    A rapist is on the loose, and “there is no active threat to the community.” Can we please have more intelligent and more effective people working as Cornell police? And why are the dumb asses at Cornell police obstructing this case from going to the Ithaca police? Skorts, you have been on the right track. Do something and don’t screw this up.

    • eh?

      It’s safe to say “there is no active threat to the community.” We don’t know for sure that a rapist is on the loose. And if indeed someone was raped that night, we don’t know that the perpetrator would be a repeat offender. I’d actually argue that if he waited until Halloween (kinda the perfect opportunity to commit crimes since everyone is disguised anyway), he’s not very likely to attempt another rape in the near future. Especially with everyone already wary of 6’0″ blonde dudes.

  • WorriedinVA

    I’m not saying this was/wasn’t a real rape – obviously not privy to the facts. A thorough investigation will reveal that. Hopefully, they’re looking into all of the facts and will make the right decision. If it is proven to be a rape, then I’m sure the city authorities will have to be contacted.

    • Another_Cornellian

      So I’m not entirely sure why people say things like this, it is as if the expectation is that police normally don’t investigate cases/consider “all the facts”. Yeah, there are false accusations of rape, there are also false accusations and acquittals of nearly every other crime (some in higher volumes). Why do you only hear about the few instances of false rape accusations? Look no further than WorriedinVA, who wants to ensure we don’t go around prosecuting all those innocent boys too harshly when it’s more probable that the girls are at fault