Tom Reed Leads Martha Robertson ’75 by Over $1 Million

October 26, 2014 10:15 pm0 comments


Just a week before the midterm elections, incumbent Republican Tom Reed leads Democratic candidate Martha Robertson ’75 in campaign funding by over $1 million in the battle for New York’s 23rd District.

(Ryan Landvater / Sun Senior Photographer)

Tom Reed speaks to Cornellians in 2012. (Ryan Landvater / Sun Senior Photographer)

Leading up to the election, Reed has raised over $3 million — a total of $3,177,442 since January 2013, according to the Federal Elections Commission. His competitor, Robertson, has raised $2,130,558.

Despite trailing behind Reed in funding, Robertson, a member of the Tompkins County Legislature since 2002, has raised more money through individual contributions — receiving $1,793,642 — compared to Reed’s $1,211,568, according to the FEC.

According to Robertson’s campaign, 95 percent of its nearly 7,500 donors gave $250 or less.

“I am honored by the grassroots support I have received,” said Robertson in a press release. “People are truly connecting with our message — that the middle class needs a voice in Washington. They know Congressman Reed is not on their side.”

In her bid for Congress, Robertson recently took a hit when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pulled funding for television advertising from her campaign. The DCCC was planning on spending $465,000 for these advertisements, The Sun previously reported.

Reed has surpassed Robertson in terms of funding from other committees — including dozens of political action committees — at $1,837,686, according to the FEC. Robertson, on the other hand, has only received $323,779 from other committees.

In terms of spending, both candidates have spent over $1 million just months before the election, according the FEC. Between July 1 and Sept. 30, Reed spent $1,024,088, while Robertson spent $1,148,461.

The upcoming election is not the first time Reed will face a Cornellian — in 2012, Reed defeated Nate Shinagawa ’05 M.A. ’09 by a small margin of 51 to 49.

Politico’s 2014 election predictions forecast that Reed will be re-elected next Tuesday in an election where Republicans are expected to retain the House of Representatives and possibly overtake the Senate.