North v. West Dining Showdown

Cornell offers the third best college food in the country @princetonreview #thirdgetsthetreasurechest. But not all dining halls are created equal.

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A Mixed Review

When I heard that a new restaurant was opening in Ithaca, I was ecstatic. I get tired of arguing with my friends over where to eat, only to decide on the same restaurant we went to the week before. I love the Ithaca classics, but I was ready for something new.

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A Virtual Guide to the Newest Grocery Store in Collegetown

What can we expect from GreenStar’s Collegetown location? “Delicious prepared foods to eat in or take away for any meal of the day, [including] sandwiches, salads, dips and more!” says Nathaniel Foster, GreenStar’s Collegetown store manager.

Catherine Elsaesser / Sun Staff Writer

Eat-thiopian at Hawi

Overall, our meals were flavorful, and we appreciated trying a less common cuisine than what we usually go for when dining out. The service at Hawi is relaxed, so expect a slower pace of the meal, but overall, it was a very filling and satisfying way to spend a Saturday evening with friends.

The Stars Align for Madeline’s Brunch

I love good food. But I also love good dining experiences. I love restaurants where you can sit for hours and not notice the time passing. I love restaurants that offer more than food to sit over while you make small talk. I believe that dining should be an event. Madeline’s was able to offer this.

Mann v. Olin: Café Battle

It’s May, so you are probably reading this in a library, on the grass right outside a library, on your way to a library or in your room contemplating which library you should go to. With two libraries boasting practical, in-house cafés, Olin and Mann, the choice boils down to which café is better.

Karly Krasnow / Sun Staff Photographer

Deliver Us to the Promised Food: Takeout Tips

As sleep-deprived and burned out as you may be, getting food delivery is always a good idea as you struggle to get your butt off the cozy bed or a cubicle in Uris Library. Don’t know what to order? Lucky for you, I went out and interviewed some food delivery connoisseurs (a.k.a. my friends who are too lazy to go grocery shopping or miss their house chefs on Friday nights) to present you this Lazy Student’s Guide to Food Delivery in Ithaca.