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After closing two years ago due to a tragic accident that left the restaurant in disarray, Simeon’s is back and open for business as of this Fall.

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Vegan for a Week

To be clear, this is not an article on the morals of going vegan. For my purposes, I really don’t care about the ethical background of not eating animal products. I care about weighing the costs and benefits and documenting my week-long vegan journey.

Not Your Average Taco Place

I soon discovered that Gorgers was surprisingly different from any other taco place I had visited before, in a very good way.

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Foodie Eats at The Rook

After two visits to this West End restaurant, located on State Street just past the Commons, I know it will become a standing member of my top foodie choices.


North v. West Dining Showdown

Cornell offers the third best college food in the country @princetonreview #thirdgetsthetreasurechest. But not all dining halls are created equal.

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A Mixed Review

When I heard that a new restaurant was opening in Ithaca, I was ecstatic. I get tired of arguing with my friends over where to eat, only to decide on the same restaurant we went to the week before. I love the Ithaca classics, but I was ready for something new.

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A Virtual Guide to the Newest Grocery Store in Collegetown

What can we expect from GreenStar’s Collegetown location? “Delicious prepared foods to eat in or take away for any meal of the day, [including] sandwiches, salads, dips and more!” says Nathaniel Foster, GreenStar’s Collegetown store manager.