TASTE TEST | Campus Salad Showdown

TASTE TEST | Campus Salad Showdown

Settle the debate once and for all: Cornell students blindly try salads from Trillium, Mac’s, and Terrace to see which one comes out on top. If you have any ideas for or want to star in a future video, email food@cornellsun.com

Filmed by Ji Hwan Seung, Edited by Juhwan Park
Produced by Olivia Lutwak, Ji Hwan Seung, and Juhwan Park


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“I think the first moment that I really started to care about soccer was when Australia qualified for its first world cup in 32 years in 2006. Specifically when Tim Cahill scored the game winning goal and then the whole family just went crazy. It was big moment because I didn’t realize how much of an impact soccer could have on people”

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Protests at Michael Johns' speech in Rockefeller Hall on Tuesday evening. (Cameron Pollack / Sun Photography Editor)

Students Protest Michael Johns Lecture

Barred from entry, about 15 students gathered outside Rockefeller Hall on Tuesday to protest a private lecture by Tea Party leader and former speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush, Michael Johns. Cornell Political Union announced on Monday that the event — titled “Trumpism Can Make America Great Again” — would be closed to the public after Cornell Police told the union it either had to pay $2,000 in security fees, cancel the event or make it private because of security concerns, according to Troy LeCaire ’17, the group’s president. Johns is a co-founder and a leader of the Tea Party movement and has notably served as speechwriter for former President George H.W. Bush. His endorsement of President Donald J. Trump and outspoken conservative statements have sparked controversy in the political sphere. Read The Sun’s coverage:

Following Security Concerns, Cornell Political Union Makes Controversial Event Private

Students Protest Private Lecture, Calling It a ‘Safe Space for White Supremacy’

Valentine’s Dinner With a Tea Party Leader: Michael Johns Defends Trump