Cornellians Compete in Campus-Wide Guac-Off

Hosted by the 2018 Class Council, Guac-Off for Haiti Relief invited students to taste and judge over 45 different guacamole made by fellow Cornellians. Proceeds from the event were donated to Edeyo Foundation, an organization that provides free educational, nutritional, and social support to disadvantaged children in Bel Air, Haiti.


The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Nov. 6

Clinton and Trump spend their last few days of the race campaigning in swing states, and Melania Trump announced her vow to fight cyberbullying if she becomes first lady. In a panel on campus, faculty members of the College of Arts and Sciences discussed the impact of the 2016 election on the future of American politics. With just two days remaining before the general election, check out the last episode of Election Watch, written and edited by Anna Kook.