Dean Ritter and Dean Pendakur respond to demands of the College of Arts and Sciences voiced by concerned students.

Ethnic Studies Program Funding Concerns Remain Unresolved by Deans

“We have had at the college-wide level a decrease in overall operating budget and so all of our programs have been asked to use more of their reserves and reduce level of budget by common small amount,” Dean Gretchen Ritter said. “That been true for everything from physics through these programs in a way that has been modest and equal across all programs.”

The new Collegetown meal plan - set to launch next fall- will include several popular restaurants.

Collegetown Meal Plan to Launch in Fall

“Students would benefit from having to pay less for their meal plans, and local restaurants would benefit by receiving business from students that would otherwise eat at dining halls,” said Jacky Tung ’19, another of Elevate’s campus managers.