Despite a 2-5 Ivy record, five of the team's seven league games have gone to five sets, which leaves the team optimistic moving forward.

Volleyball Splits Ivy Matches Over the Weekend

The Cornell volleyball team exemplified the phrase, “Each day is a new beginning” this past weekend. Less than 24 hours after suffering a disappointing loss in five sets to Dartmouth, Cornell followed up with another five-set match — but this time with a victory over Harvard. “During the Dartmouth match, we lost a bit of our discipline and aggressiveness,” said Coach Trudy Van Berg. “We had a long talk after the match … to figure out what was going on, and against Harvard we just came out with a different feel … and the mentality that we were not going to lose this match.”

Cornell’s game against Dartmouth featured tightly contested sets for much of the match. After splitting the first two sets, the final three were decided by a combined margin of seven points.

The ‘Urchin’ is a part of the Cornell Council of the Arts 2016 Biennial celebration and is installed on the Arts Quad.

Arts Quad ‘Urchin’ Challenges Perception of Everyday Objects

“Like a real Urchin, you can look at it, but it’s best not to touch it,” said director of the Masters of Architecture Program Prof. Caroline O’Donnell, on her new Arts Quad exhibit. O’Donnell created the exhibit, “Urchin (Impossible Circus), with the help of Christopher Morse ’17 and John Lai ’17 as a part of the Cornell Council of the Arts’ 2016 Biennial celebration. The exhibit — installed on the arts quad this past weekend — attempts to transform 500 plastic lawn chairs into a living organism. “The idea is that when you see it from afar, it seems like a designed object,” O’Donnell said. “As you get closer, at some point you realize that it’s just a plastic chair that you’ve already sat in 100 times.

WANG | For Asian Actors, Not Much Has Changed

In my spare time, I like to watch ABC’s standout program Fresh off the Boat, laugh, and forget about the perils of school for a moment. The show’s excellently casted: Constance Wu is the star, her motherly charm matched by Randall Park’s sheepish humor. Hudson Yang plays the awkward son growing in spades who’s rap obsessed but a poor student, and Forrest Wheeler and Ian Chen round out the family as the intelligent minions. They’re hilarious, relatable and straight up dorky. They’re also the exception.

3-25 time capsule klarman

Klarman Hall Time Capsule to Commemorate Humanities in 2016

This week, the College of Arts and Sciences began accepting faculty, staff and alumni contributions to the Klarman Hall time capsule, which is scheduled to be buried during the formal dedication of Klarman Hall on May 26, according to the University. The capsule — which will be placed between Klarman Hall and Lincoln Hall — intends to encapsulate the way that students learn the humanities, according to Kathy Hovis, University writer for the College of Arts and Sciences
Submissions should answer the question, “If you could talk to a Cornell student 50 years from now, what music, movies, shows, books and art do you love today that you would want to make sure they know about? Why are these works so important to you?” according to the University. Gretchen Ritter ’83, the Harold Tanner Dean of Arts and Sciences, said that this capsule will commemorate the year 2016 as it was a particularly special year for the humanities at the University. Klarman Hall, which was completed and opened up to the public this year was “the first building dedicated to the humanities on Cornell’s central campus in 100 years,” Ritter said.

MALPASS | Make More Bad Decisions

Everyone’s really limping to the finish line here. Doesn’t it always feels like spring break comes a week too late? Look at me, it’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m just getting around to writing my column the morning before it’s due. While I’d love to say this is the result of the unfair hand of fate, I will be perfectly frank, if I had simply spent more time in the library, I could have finished the 200 some pages of reading, honors seminar essay, opinion column and the rest of the work I had in timely fashion and still make it to bed at a reasonable hour. But instead I chose to go out twice last weekend, stay up way too late and generally procrastinate in my various fashions.