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HAGOPIAN | I’m Not Saying I Don’t Know the Meaning of Life

Personally, I plan to save Mt. Olympus and receive the gift of immortality from Zeus himself. But the rest of you yahoos better start figuring out the meaning of life. You ain’t getting any younger, sweetheart. Luckily I have a story that just might help you out.

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GOROKH | Shush! It’s Election Season in Russia.

I was seven years old and frolicking on a Soviet playground when Putin was first elected president. By the looks of it, he will still be in power when I’m 31. Funny story how that happened: some legal clerk responsible for drafting up the relevant part of constitution in 1993 wrote down “No person can be president for more than two terms in a row.” True to the letter of the law, a couple decades later Vladimir Putin was elected to a third term, after a four year vacation as prime minister. When journalists found the clerk and asked why in God’s name he added “in a row,” the guy said he didn’t mean anything by it and was just copying from the French constitution.

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These are turbulent times on The Hill. It’s times like these that we benefit from looking into our past to question how our community has deviated so far from the caring one we strive for. This past week a black student was verbally and physically assaulted in Collegetown. One week prior, a student chanted “Let’s build a wall” outside of the Latino Living Center. In 1993, art crafted by Latinx artists was vandalized and defaced with messages such as “white pride.” In 1969, a cross was burned on the lawn of Wanawake Wa Wari house.

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JAKHER | It’s All Up (Libe) Hill From Here

Dear Class of 2021, welcome to Cornell! Now that you’ve made it here, four wonderful years are awaitin’. Although it might require a little blood, sweat and tears, I’m sure you’ll look back fondly at your first year in university as a senior — hopefully more so than I did mine! In case you’re feeling a little bit uneasy about starting in a new place, allow me to share a story about about a time not too long ago…

Once upon a time, it was my freshman year. And things got curious.

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BENITEZ | America, Open Your Borders

Developed nations have always been reluctant to welcome anyone but the most skilled of laborers into their fold, regarding people beyond their borders as admissible insofar as they have something to offer economically.