Join The Sun

Completely student-run, The Cornell Daily Sun operates independently from Cornell University and has been this way since our beginnings in 1880. For 135 years, this paper has proudly served the University and the surrounding community with unparalleled daily coverage of news, arts, sports, arts, and opinion, in addition to compelling science, dining and weekend material. The Sun is the oldest continuously-independent daily in the United States.

Every semester, we recruit students for all sections, which include:

News • Opinion • Sports • Arts & Entertainment • Science • Dining •

Blogs • Photography • Design • Web • Business

To learn more about each section and how to join, please attend our information sessions at the beginning of each semester. Each section has their own individual requirements for becoming a staff member, with some sections like Opinion and Blogs accepting writers during the summer for the upcoming academic year.

Our Fall 2016 information sessions were held on August 29 and 30. We are no longer recruiting new members for this semester. Please check back early in the Spring 2017 semester for recruitment.

To keep up-to-date, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter, pick up copies of our print issue or check back regularly on our website.