HAGOPIAN | Third Time’s a Charm

I have a job at a campus eatery called Temple of Zeus. “Zeus,” as it is colloquially known, closed early on Thursday because of an event in Klarman Hall. During my shift that morning, my boss informed me that the event was a send-off for Interim President Hunter Rawlings. Rawlings has been president of Cornell twice before; he first occupied the position from 1995 to 2003, stepping in again in 2005 after the resignation of Jeffrey Lehman. One mordant customer told me, “I won’t begrudge Hunter his retirement party… for the third time.”

It does seem a bit, as the kids are saying these days, extra.


This is Where Our Tax Money Goes!

If you were to ask me the tone of The Belko Experiment (2017), by Greg McLean, I wouldn’t be able to supply an answer. Is it a satire? Is it serious commentary? This film involves a corrupt system, a subject that many movies may include for the next four years. So, what is it?


Blind Spots and Bottom Boys: A Night of Eclectic Rock

It was St. Patrick’s day and the Haunt is a bar, so there was a crowd. I suspect the two acts performing helped attendance. The Ithaca Bottom Boys were already on stage when I got in, and people were clearly digging their music. The dance floor was packed, but since the Haunt has like three chairs in the entire building, this was not surprising.