TEST SPIN | Foo Fighters — Concrete and Gold

In the world of modern rock and roll, one group has reigned supreme for the better part of this millennium: Foo Fighters. The group was founded by Dave Grohl in 1994 as a solo project following the separation of Nirvana on account of Kurt Cobain’s passing. And with the help of guitarist Pat Smear and drummer Taylor Hawkins, Grohl has brought Foo Fighters to critical acclaim and mass popularity. Throughout the years, Foo Fighters have had numerous top singles, including the David-Letterman-endorsed “Everlong,” along with several world tours and major festival headlining spots. They even were able to command an audience at this years BottleRock Festival despite festival organizers pulling the plug on the sound during the end of their set.

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KANKANHALLI | Brotherhood Inverted

It is sometimes tempting and often convenient to claim that all fraternities recruit and produce insincere, pompous, self-serving men — but this is as accurate as claiming that all foreigners are terrorists. So, there must be an alternate explanation – why is brotherhood, so harmless and so inviting, so often laced with destruction and loss? In employing humiliation, degradation and pain as the gatekeepers of their brotherhoods, fraternities stray from the very essence of family that they strive to mimic. Times were much simpler when laughable bouts of sibling rivalry did not result in emotional scarring, physical abuse or death. Admittedly, families fortify their bonds by sharing heartache, troubles and worries, but these adversities are natural.

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GUEST ROOM | Defining the Cornell Community through Residential Living and Learning

Housing options for undergraduate students, after their first year, may seem endless.  But they are about to increase. Finding good living arrangements while learning at Cornell is harder than grabbing an apartment near your first job after graduation.  As the sociologist Karl Mannheim noted, “free choice of personal companionship in private life, the inviolability of family life and tradition, and the right of free association should be protected from all interference…”. For independent minded, and self-reliant personalities, the choice of undergraduate housing can make or break an entire undergraduate career.

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These are turbulent times on The Hill. It’s times like these that we benefit from looking into our past to question how our community has deviated so far from the caring one we strive for. This past week a black student was verbally and physically assaulted in Collegetown. One week prior, a student chanted “Let’s build a wall” outside of the Latino Living Center. In 1993, art crafted by Latinx artists was vandalized and defaced with messages such as “white pride.” In 1969, a cross was burned on the lawn of Wanawake Wa Wari house.

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LEE | Corporate Cornell

The Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City held a grand opening last week, marking a new era for both Cornell and New York City. In recent years, Cornell has invested substantially in the growing realm of technology and innovation embodied by the 2014 opening of the $60 million Bill and Melinda Gates Hall dedicated to computing and information science. New York City’s hopes of upsizing its tech presence was the perfect match for Cornell’s hunger to expand into tech and the city. I am thrilled to see that Cornell is becoming more involved with technology research and application in America’s most vibrant and dynamic city. It’s great that Cornell has widened its presence in New York City, especially since the Ithaca campus location is not the most appealing to investors and students alike.