Elevate: Collegetown’s Newest Meal Plan

The final verdict? Not worth the money. Until Elevate can diversify and increase its partner restaurants and offer healthier options, you’re better off finding your meals elsewhere.


Manhattan Beach Finds Comfort in Chaos

Manhattan Beach, Jennifer Egan’s eagerly awaited follow-up after winning the Pulitzer Prize in 2010, does not disappoint. Manhattan Beach covers themes of war, economic depression, and the cultural revolutions of the time, as it takes place in New York City in the early to mid-twentieth century,. Through the life of courageous protagonist Anna Kerrigan, Egan demonstrates the changing societal roles of women during World War II and the variety of pressures placed on women. Weaving through the lives of multiple characters, all of whom serve their own distinct roles in New York society, Egan gives a socio-economically diverse lens into the criminal culture of the era, and does so through her endlessly engaging prose. The novel begins along Manhattan Beach at gangster Dexter Styles’s grand mansion along the water.