The Arts & Sciences curriculum committee made recommendations for the current curriculum on March 28. Faculty were sent the recommendations to evaluate.

Faculty Respond to Proposed Changes to Foreign Language Requirement

Prof. Brian Crane said the key principles underlying the Arts & Sciences curriculum committee’s recommendations were that the curriculum should be, “balanced among the disciplines, allow students to explore early, while not over burdening them with requirements and provide exposure to areas that are most crucial for thriving in modern society.” The curriculum was sent to faculty to be evaluated.

Five members of the University's The F Word club attended a conference in Washington D.C. to learn about being a modern-day feminist.

Women’s Empowerment Club Members Learn About Modern-Day Feminism in D.C. Conference

Five members of Cornell’s organization The F Word attended the National Young Feminist Leaders Conference this past weekend. According to the conference’s website, its goals were to “provide young activists with the opportunity to network, grow their knowledge on pertinent domestic and global feminist issues, and fine-tune their organizing methodology.”