World Cuisine Night: Around the World in Ten Eateries

Overall, the concept of World Cuisine Night was a good one — paying $10 or one meal swipe for access to every dining hall is an amazing deal, and the idea of traveling the world across campus eateries was fun to get into. However, the execution was pretty poor. Very few stops were the least bit satisfying — it really brought out the worst in dining hall food. With adequate preparation and superb execution, though, I think that another World Cuisine Night could be a big success.


Is Cornell Dining Actually Sustainable?

Upon first entering Trillium, you can immediately see three large trash cans, two recycling bins and a yellow compost bin. Or should I say, five trash cans with different colors. These bins’ contents are indistinguishable — each one has a mix of recyclable plastics, food, napkins and utensils. The large informational posters above each bin seem to serve no purpose.

Bibimbap Bowl

Can You Be Empowered by Plants?

Indeed, Cornell Dining has taken the next step in expanding their plant-based fare. Two West Campus dining halls have begun to offer entirely vegetarian and vegan options on select dinners for the rest of this spring semester. Plant-Powered Dinners are offered at Flora Rose on Fridays and at Bethe on Sundays.

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Definitive Rankings of All Eateries on Campus

Every student at Cornell has a different opinion on the best (and worst) places to eat on campus. The Sun’s Dining Department has decided to create a definitive list — a guide, so to speak — of where to spend your BRBs and where to avoid at all costs.

Mina Huh '20 gets food at Risley's Gluten-free Grand Reopening.

Risley Reopens as Completely Gluten-Free Dining Hall

“Cornell Dining is very interested in providing safe food for a lot our students that have food allergies and are following a gluten-free diet either for celiac reasons or are gluten intolerant,” said Michele Lefebvre, director of nutrition management. “We have been working for many years to try to get to a place where we can serve clean ingredients to all of our students.”

A representative from Cornell Dining said the service was unsatisfied with its current sushi vendor.

Sushi Supply Discontinued in Cornell Dining Eateries

The Cornell Dining website announced on Monday that “due to a supply chain problem with our Sushi With Gusto vendor, Cornell Dining is not offering sushi for sale at this time. Until further notice, Sushi with Gusto and Shizen products won’t be available in our eateries.”


Cornell Dining Serves Third ‘Best Campus Food’ in Country, Ranking Says

Cornell students officially eat at the third best dining facilities in the country, according to the Princeton Review’s latest rankings for best campus food. This is Cornell’s highest position on the list in 20 years. Gail Finan ’69, who has served as Cornell Dining’s director for eight years, said the acknowledgement was most meaningful because it came from Cornell students themselves. “This is recognition by students, and students only, evaluating and recognizing the hard work that the entire Cornell Dining team does every day,” Finan said. “I know the efforts we go to, and the challenges we face, and it’s so gratifying to see this clear proof that our biggest audience, our students, know it too.”

The Princeton Review rates colleges using an annual student survey, according to its website.


Cornell Employees, Students Evaluate Grab-n-Go Foods

If you have ever grabbed a chilled food item from an eatery on campus, it most likely had a Freshtake Grab-n-Go label with the phrase, “Prepared Daily by Cornell Dining” emblazoned on its packaging. A specific set of Cornell Dining employees go to the Robert Purcell Marketplace Eatery commissary every morning at approximately 4 a.m. to prepare foods that will end up on North, West and Central Campus eateries later that day, according to Karen Brown, director of Campus Life Marketing and Communications. Chef Steven Miller, who oversees the production process, explained that Freshtake employees do not work in other dining halls or work at other times. By noon, the Freshtake products have been transported to all campus eateries and are sold with the Freshtake seal, according to Miller. A wrap prepared in the morning could end up one floor below, at Bear Necessities Grill and C-Store, or at an eatery across campus.