LIEBERMAN | Cornell Health Doesn’t Meet Student Needs

One of the most serious threats to students’ safety at Cornell is our mental health. The administration claims to care about our well-being, but lately I’ve been seeing evidence to the contrary. A few weeks ago, I saw an article on Facebook that left me feeling frozen. The headline read, “Pollack Rejects Creation of Independent Task Force to Review Cornell’s Mental Health Policies.” I clicked the link, and you should too. I was introduced to Sophie Hack McLeod, a Cornell student who took her own life in 2016.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Flu Vaccine Available at Cornell Health

To the editor:

Cornell Health has flu vaccine. The flu shot is free at Cornell Health for Cornell students, staff and faculty. Schedule an appointment online anytime or call us during business hours at 607-255-5155. It’s not too late to get a flu shot, which provides the best protection against the flu. According to the CDC, influenza is widespread across the country now and there likely are “still weeks of flu activity to come.” Now that students have returned to campus from all over the world, we expect flu-like (and other) illnesses to be on the rise.