Recipes for Election Night Disaster

Thinking of throwing your own election night party, but don’t know what to make? I’ve devised the perfect menu to appease both sides of the aisle before you inevitably begin crying with anxiety into your wine glass.


The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Nov. 1

With just one week left until the general election, Clinton leads Trump by a slim margin in several national polls. On campus, women’s advocacy groups voiced concern that a Trump presidency will lead to setbacks in women’s rights, and The Sun’s latest poll indicates that over 70 percent of surveyed students will cast ballots for Clinton on Nov. 8. Check out this week’s Election Watch written by Anna Kook and edited by Justin Park.

DAVIES | E Minus Seven

Don’t get complacent, Democrats. Donald Trump could still play an ace. Polls have tightened. Though many voters in states like North Carolina have already decided between Hillary Clinton and Trump, there remain high numbers of undecided voters in other battleground states, which could intensify Trump’s benefit from James Comey’s Halloween emails treat. Trump has, for once, resisted turning the attention back on himself.

RUBASHKIN | And the White House Goes to…

We’re almost there, people. After 589 days, 24 debates, 22 candidates and enough talk about Donald Trump’s anatomical proportions to fuel my nightmares for a decade, we’re seven days away from making the most consequential election of our lifetimes. I’d like to sleep easy knowing that we’ll make the right decision, but I watch enough Fox News to know that these days, you can’t take anyone for granted. This is important stuff, America, so close out that Netflix tab you’ve got open and meet me over in paragraph three. Hey guys, glad you could make it on such short notice.


The Cornell Daily Sun Election Watch Oct. 26

In latest election news, students reacted with disapproval to Trump’s indecision about accepting the election results if Clinton wins. Students Against Trump also formed a chapter on campus and The Sun’s latest poll indicates that over 70 percent of surveyed students will vote for Clinton in the general election. Tune in to this week’s Election Watch produced by Anna Kook and edited by Justin Park.

HABR | Rape Culture and Our Friends

Two weeks ago, a leaked tape released audio of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women, turning away a substantial amount of his voters and government supporters. The next week, I was with a friend and looked over his shoulder to see messages from his fraternity’s group chat referring to women with the sentiment: “if you’re not going to fuck them, what’s the point?” When I expressed my concern, someone else replied, “I didn’t say you should look.” My friend looked away and smiled awkwardly, uncomfortable enough for me to assume he knew something was wrong, but not uncomfortable enough to do anything about it. “Just locker room talk, right?” I wanted to ask sarcastically, but I held my tongue. What I saw was just a small incident, though one of many; but this article isn’t about frats. We all know the statistics, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men will be sexually assaulted in college.

GUEST ROOM | President Mark Cuban, 2020

It’s a balmy June morning in 2018, and President Hillary Clinton fires up her tablet to find that a mysterious new candidate is running against her in the 2020 Democratic primary. Faced with domestic terror attacks and a government shutdown forced by congressional Republicans, Hillary has grown unpopular. Young voters want something fresh. At noon, eccentric Texas billionaire and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban livestreams a press conference on YouTube and Snapchat. Wearing jeans and unpretentious Silicon Valley sneakers, Cuban lays out a platform for the 21st century — heavy investment in self-driving cars, private space travel and biotechnological human enhancement, the complete divestment of U.S. energy from foreign oil, and legalization of all drugs.