SWAN | Well Well Well Well; Thanks for the Memories Fall 2016

“Well this is some old-school, Ivy Leaguer, boys and girls, three-feet-on-the-floor stuff,” I thought to myself. We were going to Wells College for a semi-formal. My friend’s girlfriend goes there, and his girlfriend has a friend, and through the potentially awkward workings of social arrangement, it was established that I would be her friend’s date for the evening; so it goes, so it goes. For those of you who don’t know, Wells College is a small, liberal arts institution situated on a dreamy, picturesque campus in Aurora, New York, about 25 miles north of Ithaca. Founded in 1868 as a women’s college by Henry Wells, the institution — in true, 19th century Utopian fashion — was intended to produce the “ideal” contemporary woman.

Greeks Praise Benefits of Brotherhood, Sisterhood at REDTalks

Over 50 members of various fraternities and sororities spoke out about their personal experiences within the Greek community at a REDTalks Tuesday. The diverse panel of members represented a broad spectrum of Greek voices within Cornell and discussed topics ranging from LGBT life to financial insecurity. REDTalks — similar to the famous TEDTalks — is a Cornell-based program that enables individuals to voice their ideas, transfer knowledge or share personal or professional anecdotes with their peers. Within the Cornellian community, 32 percent of students participate in Greek life, according to College Express. Comprised of over 60 organizations, the population is home to people of varying sexual orientation, race, background, physical ability and financial stability.