Tompkins County Continues to Distribute Sterile Syringes

There were 177,262 individuals infected with HIV/AIDS in New York as of 2006, according to the most recent data made available by the Kaiser State Health Facts website. 27,645 of these individuals were living in upstate New York. In an effort to combat the transmission of HIV, along with other blood-borne diseases, the Southern Tier AIDS Program and Tompkins County Prevention Point syringe exchange program continue to stand by their harm reduction philosophy, providing sterile syringes and information to the public.

Study Shows Allergies May Protect Against Cancer

Sit in any lecture hall during the fall and spring months and you will inevitably hear someone cough or sneeze at least every five minutes. People plagued with allergies during these seasons see them simply as nuisances, but a study conducted by Cornell researchers revealed that allergies may actually help fight some cancers.

Students 'Cover Africa' To Help Fight Malaria

With classes, social interactions, future goals and constant deadlines, the Cornell world may seem overwhelming enough — but consider this chilling fact: One child dies of malaria every 30 seconds in Africa.
When Babette Stern ’09 and Shoshana Aleinikoff ’08 attended Americans for Informed Democracy’s two-day “Malaria Bootcamp” last January, they felt empowered upon learning that the devastating disease is preventable. They joined with Sarah Mongiello ’09 and Zeke Rediker ’09 to create Cover Africa — a non-profit organization to literally cover Africa with mosquito bed-nets.

The Second Most Important Question

Every morning, the first thing I do is pick up a copy of The Cornell Daily Sun. After two years of reading, it finally hit me. Nowhere in The Sun is there a section about health. Sure, sometimes there are random articles about health. But there is no section or column dedicated to the topic. For such an important topic (especially for college students), I feel like The Sun needs at least something on health. That’s where I come in.