Bumpy road | Michael Sam spoke about his experience as the first openly gay NFL player in a lecture at Statler auditorium on Monday.

Michael Sam Addresses LGBT Inclusion in NFL Community

“[Being gay] may affect your ability of playing,” Sam said. “I was the top prospect and should have probably been in the first round of draft, but now I’m not even in the league. [Football] is a dirty business and there are a lot of backroom deals.”


First Openly Gay NFL Player to Speak at Cornell

Michael Sam, the first National Football League player to come out as gay, will deliver a free lecture in Statler Auditorium on Nov. 14, the Cornell University Programming Board announced Thursday. Sam made headlines when he told his teammates that he was gay in 2013, after finishing his career as a college athlete. He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 2014, and is currently a free agent.

SHATZMAN | Roger Goodell’s Inconsistency in the Punishing of NFL Players

Is Roger Goodell just arbitrarily choosing numbers and using them for suspensions? Where are the standards? Where is the consistency? Goodell is a cavalier commissioner whose ineptness in handling discipline is embarrassing to professional sports. “Kill a man while intoxicated and then come catch passes for us!” “Beat your girlfriend and sign a cushy one-year, $11.3 million contract.” “A 22-year-old smoking weed, drinking, not hurting anyone and taking full responsibility for childish mistakes? Hell no. One year ban”.