SOT 4-13

SEX ON THURSDAY | Penile Plethysmography & You

It is a stereotype of male arousal that it tends to go one way or the other. That is to say, you’re either turned on or you’re not. While such platitudes are mostly true, they do overlook the realm of partial tumescence, the delightful stage in-between full erection and full flaccidity.

SEX ON THURSDAY | The Frisky Virgin

Do you know how difficult it is to be a sexually active virgin on this campus? Paradoxical, I know. But it’s true. I’m a girl who loves sexual acts, loves everything about sex, but simply refuses to have it. It was engineered into my brain that sex is reserved for your husband, and after years of religion thrusting itself into my head (pun intended), it’s become difficult to reverse the effects of this forceful belief, even if my own mind has changed.

SEX ON THURSDAY | Child’s Pose

By this time in my collegiate career, I thought I had pretty much tried it all. Every position had been knocked out, every unique location on campus had been conquered and after having both types of threesomes, I didn’t think there was much more sexual experimentation left for a straight guy. Boy, was I wrong. I just hadn’t met the right girl yet. It was a Friday when I bumped into her at Rulloff’s.