LINSEY | Top 10 Fandom-Worthy Teams

Have you ever wanted to be a fan of the world’s most popular sport? Have you watched soccer and thought, “I would watch more soccer if only I had a favorite team?” If you answered yes to both of these questions, then this column is for you.

LINSEY | The ‘Sack Race’: Managers Who May Lose Their Jobs

The ball sailed through the air in the Swansea City penalty area, where the team’s right full-back, Angel Rangel, anticipated its descent. However, he misjudged the ball’s flight, allowing Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino to beat him to the ball. Rangel shoved the Brazilian in the back and Firmino fell to the ground. The referee pointed to the penalty spot, where James Milner would score Liverpool’s late winning goal in a 2-1 decision. Several days later, Swansea City’s manager Francesco Guidolin was fired and replaced by the American Bob Bradley, after widespread reports that Swansea needed to beat Liverpool to save Guidolin’s job.

LINSEY | Major League Soccer is Worth Your Time

Major League Soccer is the number one professional soccer league in the United States. Opinions on the league cover the whole spectrum from super-fans to haters. One could hear anything from “It’s a nice way to see some really talented players close to home” to “the only thing more boring than European soccer is American soccer.” Personally, I have always wanted to go to an MLS game to see the action for myself, and this past summer, I got the chance to watch NYCFC host the Colorado Rapids. Here’s the story of my day at the game and my first impression of the MLS. Like many Cornellians, I live within a few hours of New York City.

LINSEY | The Goalkeeper: a Positional Analysis

Joao Moutinho slipped the ball to Eder. The Portuguese striker dribbled and fired a seemingly harmless strike from twenty-five yards out. French goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, one of the world’s best, normally saves nine out of 10 shots from that distance. Yet, two crucial, unlikely occurrences happened at the same time. First, and most crucially, Lloris was leaning to his left.

LINSEY | Premier League: New Managers in New Positions

When Abel Hernandez kicked the ball back towards his orange-clad teammates, Hull City’s Uruguayan striker made the first pass of the 2016-17 Premier League season. Perhaps the most prominent feature of this new season is the many excellent managers who have taken their talents to the Premiership over the summer. Let’s run the rule over each of the new arrivals and evaluate who will be deemed successful once the season’s last ball is kicked in May. Two weeks into the season, it seems like Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho is best positioned for instant success. Mourinho brings a pedigree of success, both in England with Chelsea FC and on the continent with Real Madrid, Porto and Inter Milan.