Everybody Eats cofounders, Imani Majied '19 and Dr. Muhammad Ansari in Singapore where they won a place in the Young Social Entrepreneurs Program with Singapore International Foundation this March.

Food Delivery Startup to Kickoff in Ithaca this Fall

Everybody Eats, a social startup created by Cornell students is working towards creating opportunities for reduced-price food delivery service through collaborations with local restaurants. Debuting this fall, this startup’s goal is to try and combat food insecurity faced by low-income families, especially in the Tompkins County area.

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MALPASS | The Value of a Snap

I have it, and if you have a smartphone, chances are you have it too. The little app that allows you to send timed photos to each other. But wait! You can also view little articles on Snapchat too, some can even  be interacted with on the most basic level! Truly revolutionary.


StartUp: Just Another One in the 50 Percent

More than 50 percent of startups fail in their first five years. Crackle’s new show will likely join that statistic in its first two: StartUp has all the makings of a top-tier prestige drama — dark lighting, sex scenes, cursing, screaming, serious themes — but comes off as totally average. It features strong (for the most part) performances and an intriguing concept, but doesn’t exactly hit its mark. What it lacks in quality, however, it certainly makes up for in heart. It is clear that StartUp is committed to its message but the follow-through just isn’t there.

3-9 AkibaH startup

Alumni Startup Creates World’s First Smartphone Glucose Meter

Fathi Abdelsalam MPA ’13 and his colleagues at AkibaH — a Silicon Valley startup  specializing in utilizing data science has created the world’s first smartphone glucose meter. The meter, GluCase, utilizes smartphone technology to provide information to diabetes patients about their glucose levels. “By seamlessly integrating a glucose meter, test strips and lancets into a smartphone case, it eliminates the need for a person with diabetes to carry bulky meters, test supplies and logbooks,” Abdelsalam said. The project founders said that the name, AkibaH comes from ‘akiba haiozi’ — a Swahili proverb that meaning “a person with foresight will always know prosperity.”
“AkibaH focuses heavily on machine learning for personalized, data-driven care to empower patients,” Abdelsalam said. “As you increase the size of relevant data, you’ll begin to unlock extraordinarily insightful correlations among many different lifestyle factors.”
The founders created GluCase to simplify a traditionally bulky and burdensome glucose meter into a form that could fit onto the back of a smartphone and appeal to a large audience, Abdelsalam said.