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Letter to the Editor: Response to McCullough

To the Editor:

On March 13, Irvin McCullough of the Cornell Republicans authored a well-reasoned letter advocating for the repeal of Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Rule and challenging the student-led campaign urging Cornell to make conflict mineral-free purchasing decisions. His myriad assertions deserve responses. Contrary to McCullough’s claim that conflict-free initiatives have increased militia-led violence, evidence-based assessments attest to their achievement of the opposite outcome. According to reports from the Belgian research group IPIS, the implementation of Dodd-Frank’s conflict mineral regulations has coincided with most paramilitary-controlled mines becoming entirely conflict-free. A cluster of 41 civil society groups in North Kivu recently joined a total of 101 Congo-based human in unequivocally condemning the possible suspension of federally mandated conflict mineral audits, saying that the eastern Congo has U.S. government mandates to thank for increased security in the region.

S.A. president Jordan Berger '17 speaks at a Student Assembly meeting earlier this year.

Bias Team Reports Increased Harassment Incidents

Members of BART— a team that strives to give students, faculty and staff a way of reporting and providing resources for people subjected to any form of harassment or harm — presented information about current statistics as well as defined their role and limitations as an organization.