September 7, 2000

Board of Trustees to Discuss Development

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The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees is gathering today at the Cornell Club in New York City for its first meeting of the 2000-01 school year.

Most of the agenda for the meeting is confidential because those issues that relate to the endowed colleges will not be open to the public.

However, the opening session of the meeting pertaining to the statutory colleges, begins at 2 p.m. with a report by University President Hunter R. Rawlings III.

Issues to be discussed include: rules and regulations for traffic and parking, a description of University gift results and building construction relating to Emerson Hall.

Emerson Hall will be of particular interest at the meeting, according to Student-Elected Trustee David Mahon ’01.

The trustees will discuss increasing the scope of the budget and the type of work done, with the possible expansion of the budget from $3 million to $5.3 million.

The University expects to pay just a fraction of the additional costs, because a fund-matching program with the State of New York will cover over $2 million.

“The state capital matching fund will provide virtually all of the increase,” Mahon said.

Interested parties can get tickets to the public sessions of the meeting from the Information and Referral Center on campus.

“Cornell is essentially a private university,” Barbara Krause, secretary of the Corporation, said. “It is under contract with the state to operate the statutory colleges.”

Krause added that the statutory colleges must conduct open meetings according to court rulings.

In addition to the fifteen members of the Executive Board, several Cornell administrators will also be in attendance.

– Staff Reporter Matthew Brett Hirsch contributed to this report.

Archived article by Beth Herskovits