September 7, 2000

Fall Fashion Forecast

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Second skins are in, colors are very berry, checks, plaids, jean, dress up … Fall has arrived.

At the New York designer shows this year, “the biggest trends for fall were crocodile skins, leather, checks, and plaids and the full on dress up look,” Nancy Roth, Senior Market Editor of Mademoiselle Magazine said. “Basically looking really lady like.”

Ms. Roth continued to highlight the important designers for each of these looks. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Donna Karen all concentrated on “croc” skins; Tommy Hilfiger, BCBG, Dolce & Gabana, and Burberry were all about check and plaid patterns; and everyone did colored leather.

Turning off the runways and onto the Hill, things are not that different. Patterns, color, and leather will all be necessary components of a wardrobe for the fall. Kevin Matuszak and Carolyn Roberts, co-owners of downtown’s trendy clothing store NYC Warehouse lent Daze their expertise and thier stock so that you wouldn’t be left in the cold.

All That Glitters

Gold will be bringing a metallic shock to wardrobes across campus. “Metal hardware is a really big thing [this season]: Gold chain belts, gold jewelry, and gold buttons,” said Jamie Mihlrad ’02, a member of the Cornell Design League (CDL). Warehouse co-owners agree that that outfits will be heavily accessorized. “Solid gold. That’s the feel of the season.”

The recent surge of gold is part of a retro look from the 1980’s. According to Mr. Matuszak, this look is borrowed from the Dynasty days. “Everything with a shine to it” is in. Rhinestoned t-shirts are already appearing on many celebrites. They are ofentimes on Salvation Army t-shirts. This means that flashiness, embellishments, and gaud are all in style, and so is color.

Purple is the other must have color for the fall. Shades of purple will range from raisin to plum to lilac. They will be layered with camel and black. Ms. Mihlrad said that even purple will be mixed with color. For example, a purple dress may be paired with a slightly different shade of purple stockings.

The Jean Scene

Not surprisingly, denim is in this fall. But this season, there is a twist. Last year’s cuffs will be thrown away, literally. Jeans will have frayed bottoms and tops. Last year’s surge of cutting off waistbands of jeans is still in, according to Ms. Mihlrad.

Warehouse co-owners agree. “Denim is still the rage.” It is already expanding beyond the realm of pants. Skirts, jackets, and trench coats are denim’s new look for this fall. They boast Juicy’s new denim line for fall, which includes all of the above.

Smitten with Knittin’

Big chunky sweaters are popular this season. The Abercrombie-style, multi-colored, tweed knits will keep in the warmth and keep you up with the latest trends.

Tailored for Men

The tailored look is in for men. Pants remain more fitting (however, details are not necessary). The same colors that are en vogue for women also apply, but with more of a focus on blacks, greys, and camels. Leather on guys is a must for going out.

Archived article by Sara Katz