September 7, 2000

Viewer Discretion Advised

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In this world there are few things that are truly constant. Besides the fact that that kid who chews his gum really loudly will always sit near you, nothing else seems to stay stable. There is no universal standard for anything, and just when you think you’ve got a handle on everything, it turns out that life isn’t as easy as beating Punch Out’s King Hippo. In this world of DVD consumption, one can’t just wait around for life to raise its hands so you can punch it in the belly. Today, people must actively look around and scout out where the best DVD deals are and when they can jump on them. (Figuratively of course.)

For this weeks entry in the DVD dialogues I would like to help the internet consumers out there find the best movies for the best prices. You could say I’m being petty by digging deep enough to point out the difference between’s $19.49 and’s $18.69 for this weeks release of American Psycho … but then I’d say you’re being arrogant and stupid for ignoring that one time payment of 80