September 8, 2000

Kabbalah Expert To Lecture

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Laibl Wolf, a lawyer, psychologist, rabbi and authority on Kabbalah, or Jewish mystical teachings, will be coming to campus this weekend to conduct a free seminar on applying Kabbalah to daily life.

Wolf is the author of Practical Kabbalah, A Guide to Jewish Wisdom for Everyday Life. The event is being co-sponsored by Hillel and Chabad of Ithaca.

“The special thing about Rabbi Wolf is that he is one of the few people able to transmit the wisdom and complexities of Jewish Mysticism to the uninitiated,” Kenny Rosen ’01, director of marketing and advertising for Chabad said.

“I think that this will be a great opportunity for the Cornell community to learn how the three-thousand-year-old teachings of Kabbalah can affect issues in their lives such as love and getting rid of negativity in life. I encourage both Jews and non-Jews to attend,” Rosen added.

Wolf will give three lectures over the course of the weekend on topics ranging from relationships to prayer to conflict resolution.


He has studied Kabbalah for over thirty years and lectures frequently on issues pertaining to medical ethics, commerce, education and society. Prior to his Cornell visit, Rabbi Wolf delivered the Keynote address to the American Psychological Association.

“I don’t come from a Jewish background, but the talk sounds interesting,” Michael Capellupo Gurzo ’01 said.

Archived article by David Turkel-Parrella