September 8, 2000

On the Road Again

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Run Big Red, Run!

After finishing an encouraging sixth place in last year’s NCAA regional championships, the Cornell women’s cross-country team goes into the new season brimming with confidence. At the helm of the team for an eleventh consecutive year is veteran head coach Lou Duesing.

In hindsight, 1999 was a great season for Cornell’s female runners. The Red managed a 5-0 dual meet record and placed second in the Heptagonal championships. However, the highlight of the highlight reel was easily the entry of three runners into the NCAA Division 1 championship race.

“We are really pleased about how 1999 went. We always feel a sense of pride when we get athletes into the championship race,” Duesing said.

Leading the team into the new campaign are senior co-captains Meredith Freimer and Kim Chatman, two of the three women who represented Cornell at the NCAA season finale. Freimer came through in 18:02.9 to place 105th, while Chatman took 208th place with a clocking of 18:51.6.

Chatman received All-Ivy, All-East and NCAA All-Region honors last year.

“I think we performed very well last season. We put in a lot of effort and in the end we managed to get the results that we wanted. I think that the girls really gelled as a team,” said Chatman.

Freimer was rightfully rewarded with All-Ivy, All-East and NCAA All-Region status.

“We’ve got two terrific women leading the way. The rest of the team should have no problem with morale and confidence while these two are out there,” stated Duesing.

Even though Freimer and Chatman are easily in a league of their own, they by no means carry the entire load.

Up and coming stars include junior Halle Watson, who received last year’s “Most Improved Award,” as well as sophomores Sarah Karam, Christine Diaz and Elizabeth Paddock.

“There are a lot of rising sophomores and juniors who improved a lot last year. At this level, it’s just a matter of turning experience into results,” stated Duesing.

Even though the Red performed consistently in team competition, it failed to reach the final team stages of the NCAA competition last year.

“I think we performed well on an individual basis, but we’ve got more goals for this season and reaching the national championships as a team is certainly one of them,” Chatman declared.

Cornell’s hopes of progressing to this season’s championships are further galvanized by the emergence of several new freshmen faces. No fewer than 18 freshmen were selected through the recruiting process “This year we’ve managed to get them from all over. Iowa, Massachusetts, California, New York