September 18, 2000

Truck Crashes Into Apartments

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A truck carrying several large pieces of tempered safety glass struck four vehicles this past Saturday, one of which crashed into a building on the intersection of Lake Street and University Avenue, according to an Ithaca Fire Department press release.

The six-wheel flatbed belonging to the Ithaca Lumber Company jumped the curb near Ravenwood Apartments at the intersection of Lake Street and University Ave. at approximately 12:30 p.m. and crashed into four vehicles, one of which proceeded to be crushed between the front of the truck and Building A of the Ravenwood complex, according to the press release.

The driver of the truck was treated at the scene for a minor injury and refused further medical attention.

“The driver was beeping his horn because he could not stop … and crashed into a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo which acted as a cushion between the building and his truck,” said Devon Griffith ’02, a resident of Ravenwood Apartments and witness to the accident. The jeep only damaged two apartments on the bottom level, she added.

Residents of apartment A-4 were asked to vacate the apartment building, which is owned by Travis & Travis Associates of Ithaca.

“I heard the crash and had no idea what had happened. I thought it was something to do with the garbage truck,” said Jordan Erenreich ’02, resident of Ravenwood.

Structural damage occurred to the east side of the “A” building near Apartment A-4, according to Ithaca Building Department personnel.

The cause of the accident is under investigation by the Ithaca Police Accident Reconstruction Unit.

Archived article by Rachel Pessah