October 5, 2000


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Last week, I gave you an overview of the four very real and extremely sexually aware students that we chose from a pool of approximately thirty applicants. You met Absinthe ’02, Samantha ’01, G. Killian ’03, and Catwoman ’02, the ethnically and ethically dynamic group of students that I will be reporting on throughout the semester.

Late Tuesday night we sat amidst a cloud of smoke in the back corner of a local restaurant. We spoke for well over an hour about an array of sexually diverse topics. Unfortunately, I will only be able to talk about a mere fraction of what we discussed, but there will certainly be more to come.

First, the updates. When we met, Samatha was in the midst of having the “talk” with the guy she was hooking up with. G. Killian was still basking in the glow of an entire Saturday spent in bed with his girlfriend. Catwoman was suffering from a dry spell since the summer due, in her words, to the relatively small population of lesbians on campus.

And Absinthe was hornily awaiting his trip to Pennsylvania over Fall Break to visit a girl he has been seeing.

I initiated the conversation: What is your favorite position?

The result was almost a consensus. Three out of four prefer the girl to be on top (in Catwoman’s case, the “woman” is specifically referring to her).

Samantha was the first to reply. She likes to be positioned on top of her man. “It’s a power trip because you get to decide when the guy comes