October 19, 2000

Celling Out

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Okay, so maybe they are the most annoying devices to hit the streets of Ithaca since the I.D. scanners at the bars, but there is no doubting it — cell phones are here — and in full force. Some may argue that they use cell phones for their ‘functionality.’ Ask one of those people if they think that clunky car phones are sexy or if they’d be caught dead with their parent’s cell from the early 1990’s — I think not.

It has become such that the cell phone one carries in their pocket define their personality — small and demur, large and masculine, or sleek and sexy. However, the most recent release of cell phones not only look great, but have some groundbreaking new features that herald a future where we will be able to access the Internet, music, and our closest friends off of one device.

Leading the pack in style and versatility is Motorola. Their most recent release, the V2282 (ret. $150) is one of the first WAP enabled phones. WAP stands for web application protocols, which is basically a ‘cell standard’ for surfing the web. The phone comes with an interchangeable boot that lets you change the case to numerous eye-catching colors from aqua-blue to bright orange. Also within the standard features of the phone is a built in FM-radio — music to our ears.

Samsung takes music one step further with their latest edition Samsung Uproar (ret. $500). Although the price may be a little abrasive at first, you must realize what you get in this phone.

You get a fully functional MP3 player, a wireless modem, and a feature that allows you to download songs from the Internet (wirelessly) or through your computer. The catch? Well if you plan on staying in Ithaca, you’re out of luck, because this phone is only available with the Sprint PCS service, which is not available here.

Finally there is the latest release from Qualcomm. The QCP 2035 is a WAP-enabled phone that has a bit-mapped LCD screen. One of the most frequent ‘customized’ features of the cell phone is ability to swap faceplates.

The 2035 has the ability to swap with 15 different Imac-styled plates. By far, the 2035 is the best deal on a cell phone that includes the bells and whistles of a WAP enabled device. The 2035 is just beginning to show up in Verizon stores and will most likely be part of a plan that allows you to get the phone for $39 dollars: a steal by any measure.

Archived article by Ryan Silbert