October 26, 2000

Surf Advisory

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Before undertaking the arduous task of writing about the ten best web sites, we realized that we would have to invest hours of research into identifying the sites that would most successfully quench the web surfing needs of college life. We prepared ourselves with a box of Wheat-thins, some salsa, and a case of Woodchuck Cider and sat ourselves down for an elongated cruise on the Internet ocean.

The Internet is truly everywhere, and since there is a site for all your carnal needs, and only 48 inches of writing space to tell you about them, it was decided to include only the top sites in Media Information, Retail Shopping, Online Auctioning, Occupation finding, Dorm Room Decorating, Alcohol Consuming, Movie Trivia, 80’s Nostalgia, Streaming Radio, and General Mayhem.

Armed with Ethernet connections, you have all been planted on the cyber battlefield to navigate at a blitzkrieg speed from site to site, taking away from each IP address a new level of understanding and/or a good nudie pic. That being said, the top ten college web sites for you are …


So it’s 3 a.m. and you can’t sleep because you can’t remember the name of the girl who kept saying “Indy