October 30, 2000

New Bias-Related Incident Reported

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A male Asian student was harassed at the intersection of East Avenue and Tower Road late Friday night, the Cornell University Police Department reported in a Crime Alert yesterday.

The incident, considered a bias crime, took place at 11:09 p.m. It is reported that the perpetrators shouted racial slurs at the man from a white, four-door vehicle with a black stripe down the side.

“We think it’s [related to the previous bias-related crimes], because of what was said and the description of the vehicle,” said CUPD Capt. Randall Hausner ’85.

Six weeks ago, a bias-related sexual assault took place on East Avenue, when a female student was wrestled to the ground and restrained by two males. Two other bias-related incidents followed later in the month.

The prior bias-related incidents that took place on campus are still actively under investigation.

No information dealing with the latest case of harassment has yet been uncovered that would significantly alter the investigation since the Crime Alert was distributed.

“Every piece of information is important and helpful,” Hausner said. “That’s why it is important for everyone to tell us any information about incidents that they might know, even if it is only to tell us a little bit. If 10 people tell us a little bit, then it could be significant.”

Since this crime was committed after Oct. 8, when the New York State Hate Crimes Act of 2000 became law, it may warrant a newer — and more severe — criminal classification.

CUPD is notifying students to walk in well-lit areas, suggesting further that they avoid walking alone after sundown altogether. Rather, students should travel on Blue Light buses or with Blue Light escorts, the police department said.

Any suspicious activity should be reported immediately to the Cornell Police by dialing 911 or by using Blue Light telephones located across campus.

For a personal safety seminar, concerned students may contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 255-7404.

— Eve Steele contributed to this story.

Archived article by Matthew Hirsch