November 7, 2000

Rawlings 'Kicks-Off' Senior Class Campaign

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Marking the beginning of the end, President Hunter R. Rawlings III addressed seniors and juniors assembled for the Senior Class Campaign Kick-Off yesterday.

The event’s coordinators, the Class of 2001 alumni officers, encouraged seniors to think about their involvement with the University after graduation.

The Class of 2001 alumni class officers hold the event annually, in order to encourage seniors to raise money for alumni dues and for the class gift to the University.

The alumni class officers invited about 100 seniors and a few juniors to the event. About ninety seniors and juniors responded to the invitation, according to Larry Goldman ’01, vice president of publicity for the senior class campaign.

The invitees were those “who we believe are leaders of the class,” Goldman said.

The reason for the event “is to present to [the students] what we as a class are going to be doing. What that entails is a lot of fundraising,” Goldman said.

The alumni officers are asking each senior to contribute $20.01.

“You can bursar it this year, which should be pertinent to all of you,” said Co-president Joanne Schleifman ’01.

Half of the funds raised will go to alumni class dues, while the other half will go towards the senior class’s gift to the University.

Co-president Jamie Aycock ’01 announced to the audience that the gift will be a Class of 2001 scholarship.

Beginning next fall, “[t]his scholarship will be given to one student each year … forever!” states the Class of 2001 web site.

“Whatever you give and whatever you support, it will make a difference to someone here at Cornell,” said Nathan Connell ’01, vice president of special campaigns.

The Class of 2000 broke all previous fundraising records for the senior class campaign, getting 60 percent of the class to participate.

This year’s class goal is 56 percent participation, although “I’m sure we can beat [the Class of 2000],” Schleifman said.

Schleifman encouraged seniors “not only to participate in the campaign but to reflect on our time here at Cornell.”

The centerpiece of the evening was Rawlings’ speech. He enthusiastically encouraged the seniors to “get together as a class” and create “class spirit.”

Rawlings commended the senior class for their decision to create a scholarship.

“Our alumni have made it possible for students who can’t afford to come to Cornell to be able to,” he said. “As a class, we want to make it possible for future students to come here.”

He also offered the class fundraising tips.

“It’s always a little embarrassing to raise money. But you get over that if you have a good cause.”

The alumni class officers hoped that most of the seniors in attendance felt as Angie Hunter ’01 did as they left the kick-off.

“I’ll probably contribute and encourage other seniors to [do the same],” she said.

Archived article by Maggie Frank