November 9, 2000

Test Spins

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The name bears promise. Corrosion Of Conformity. Just saying it out loud conjures images of rebellious teens railing against authority. Say it again, and you’ll find your voice slipping subconsciously into a throaty growl.

So, needless to say, I had somewhat high expectations for this record — especially given COC’s reputation as a forerunner of all later punk/metal fusions. But their latest album follows the current trend towards generic radio fodder. Most of the songs are heavy and laden with killer riffs, but nothing is particularly memorable.

Check out guest Warren Haynes’ slide guitar on “Stare Too Long” for the album’s best moment; otherwise be prepared to bang your head along to unspectacular Metallica soundalikes such as “Sleeping Martyr” and “Congratulations Song.”

Archived article by Ed Howard