November 16, 2000

Gotta Have It!

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It’s safe to say that we all work very hard at this school. All of us are over-achievers and hope to be successful in our future careers. Our motivations are, for the most part, simple — to live a happy life, start a family, and work at something that we really enjoy doing.

However, there are certain times when you think about how great it would be to make a salary that puts you in a tax bracket that’s higher than Bill Gates’. I mean, isn’t this the reason so many of us play the Lotto — to get rich quick? What would you do if you actually hit the mother lode? Most likely, a good amount of it would go to charity and to your family (right?). But, with the leftover greenbacks, why not buy yourself some toys? Well, these are the types of items that make you ask yourself, “How much money do people make who buy this kind of stuff?”

When TV isn’t TV

Since when did that big boxy TV that sits in your living room aspire to become art? Since the invention of the flat-screen television, silly. And no television has more cachet than the Proscan PSP42300 CinemaScreen Plasma TV. Okay, so the title isn’t so sexy, but with a screen measuring 42” this wide-screen picture is THE television set. Not only does it have HD-TV, but it’s so life-like that it can make watching something as banal as Family Feud appear like you’re looking through a window. For practicality, it can also double as an extra large computer monitor. The price tag? A cool 15,000 dollars.

Keeping Time

You know the saying “Why buy a Rolex, when a Swatch watch keeps much better time anyway.” Well this Rado watch ain’t no Rolex. The Rado “Sinatra Watch” screams class. Just like the luster in ole blue eyes’ blue eyes, this watch comes with a way-cool sapphire crystal and a platinum finish. And, like the chairman of the board, it makes no apologies for its price, either. Although you’ll feel like a million bucks, it retails for “only” 2,000 dollars. Instant rat-pack recognition is included, of course.

And the Skipper, too

And just what every rich kid needs — his own boat. The Panther 64 (actually available online) is a catamaran that is called a “moving island.” Cruising the Finger Lakes in this puppy is like riding an elephant down College Ave. It most certainly would not go unnoticed and the crew team would most likely have to get out of your way … and fast. This machine has dual engines and a range of 470 nautical miles. Why do you need it? Because it’ll get you to the Hamptons faster than the Jitney, Gilligan!

I admit that just writing about such sybaritic items makes me feel a little guilty. But the holiday season is approaching and just in case 1) santa, 2) the Tooth Fairy, or 3) my parents are reading this article, I promise that this time I’ll write a thank-you card should you feel so inclined to spoil me.

Archived article by Ryan Silbert