January 24, 2001

Robberies Plague Helen Newman Hall

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Patrons at Helen Newman Hall found their wallets stripped of a total of $400 on Jan. 19 and Jan. 20.

Several visitors to the Helen Newman gym whose wallets were unattended or in unsecured bags became the victims of a thief, or group of thieves, who stole from $10 to $129 in the six wallets as well as a driver’s license, a bank card and a Cornell identification card.

From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Jan. 20, the thieves managed to steal one wallet and items from four other wallets but no one saw the perpetrators.

Victims were eventually returned their belongings and empty wallets, all except one.

Gym patrons promptly informed the Cornell Police Department (CUPD) to report their losses.

According to Capt. Randall H. Hausner ’85, the incidents are currently under investigation.

CUPD would not comment further due to their nondisclosure policy of details regarding cases.

–Matthew Hirsch contributed to this article

Archived article by Carlos Perkins