January 26, 2001

Test Spin: American Hi-Fi

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American Hi-Fi may quite possibly be the harbingers of a new trend in the rock music. Not, mind you, because they are so terribly talented that people won’t be able to resist the urge to mimic their brilliance. Nope, it may strictly be a consequence of time.

We are entering a scary time where rock music will be crafted by people who were weened on the grunge rock that dominated the early ’90s. And not just credible acts like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Forget Super Diamond, bring on the Candlebox tribute act. This is the world of American Hi-Fi. The group combines the song structures of the Foo Fighters with the vocals of a strung-out Scott Weiland. Unfortunately, lyricaly it sticks to random non-sequiters. While those comparisions may seem flattering, instead American Hi-Fi embraces all the worst stereotypes of a dead genre.

Archived article by Mike Giusto