February 1, 2001

Test Spin: Seventeen

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Their album is called Bikini Pie Fight. They have songs called “Fingerbang” and “Porno Getaway.” They sing about — you guessed it — drugs and loose women. And no, they’re not Blink 182.

They’re called Seventeen, and they’re about as mature as a snotty 6-year old. Their music recalls all the polished punk that’s been littering the radio ever since Dookie. But, while much 90’s punk rock can be fun and intensely hummable, Seventeen have managed to make an album devoid of both hooks and fun.

Sticking to a grating scream, frontman Jason Adams spews such oh-so-clever lines as, “they played ‘Jesse’s Girl’ and I soiled my pants, baby.” On the plus side, it’s worth a good laugh. For all of a minute.

Archived article by Ed Howard