February 1, 2001

The Anaphorics Are Protectors of Lynah

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Anaphora — “The deliberate repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of several successive verses, clauses, or paragraphs.”

The Cornell Anaphoric Society — A group of Cornell students and alumni which concerns itself with the repetition of words or phrases in regard to Cornell tradition, and is the self-appointed authority on Lynah Rink etiquette.

Last Saturday, this society distributed the little white memos across Lynah’s benches warning all fans to refrain from asking the opposition bus to start up too early. Meanwhile, this group patronized the so-called Faithful, chastising them for arriving late to games and associating refs with sheep. The Faithful don’t pay for season tickets to be told how or when to cheer. They refused to comply with the athletics department’s moratorium on coarse language. They reacted against the Anaphoric Society on Saturday night, taunting the group with keys in hand.

I know that taking suggestions from the Cornell Anaphoric Society is a hard pill to swallow, but it has had a lot to complain about recently. With just one-third of spectators showing up in time for the opening face-off and the athletic department insisting on its relentless policy of ousting over-zealous fans from games, the atmosphere in Lynah leaves more than something to be desired.

The growing apathy in Lynah is nothing new though. Just ask Anaphoric member, Age Manocchia ’98, who has been a regular in section B for the last seven years — in other words, longer than most of you knew that Cornell had a hockey team.

Therefore, when the Anaphoric Society voices its distaste with the climate in our beloved Lynah Rink, the fans ought to listen.

They are the people distributing the words to the alma mater– all five verses — during the Cornell/Harvard games. They made J.R. Prestifilipo the most hated person on East Hill.

By the way, who do you think revs up the crowd during the second and third period lulls with a cow bell?


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Disappointed with head coach Mike Schafer’s ’86 choice of starting goalies or just impressed by Stephen B