February 5, 2001

Fencing Owns Tourney as Raijer Goes Undefeated

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Complete domination.

That describes what the Cornell fencing team did at the Wellesley College Fencing Invitational last Saturday. The Red did not drop one weapons match as it handily defeated all competition.

The team competed in three dual matches against host team, Wellesley, Vassar and Tufts.

Wellesley could not match up against the Red fencers as Cornell cruised to a 23-4 victory. The women dominated the epee and the saber winning both weapons 8-1. The foil event was somewhat closer; the Red won 7-2.

Vasser presented more of a challenge, especially in the epee, where it took four of the nine contests. The saber ended 6-3 in favor of Cornell while the foil presented the most lopsided weapons match of the invitational for the Red, a perfect 9-0.

Tufts did better against the Red than either Wellesley or Vasser. It kow-towed to the Cornell fencers 18-9. Tufts best weapon was the saber, where it collected almost half of its victories. The Red one the event 5-4. The Red captured the foil and the epee, 6-3 and 8-1 respectively.

Senior Ellyn Raijer, who recently came in No. 2 in the NIWFA Championships, led the Red as she went an undefeated 8-0 during the day in the foil. Sophomore Roopa Rangi also had a stellar 8-1 performance in the epee. Junior captain Patty Blumanauer dropped only one match finishing 6-1.

Archived article by Amanda Angel