February 8, 2001

The Guide

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Doomed to celebrate the day that is the wrath of Cupid, many Cornellians are dreading the approaching candy chaos, rose rendezvous, and Hallmark hell. As we approached students both on and off campus at an array of eating facilities, we were shunned by many, oftentimes met by rolling eyes, reddened faces, or other unique responses. “Engineers are too busy to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” said Sam Munoz ’01, as he sat studying in Collegetown Bagels on Tuesday night.

But, of course, for every non-participant we were met with an almost equal number of individuals who will be succumbing to the sometimes overwhelming, some may even call mandatory, display of affections of February 14.

So, in order to make it a bit easier for those of you who have decided to celebrate, we asked around and learned of some ways that couples are spending the day.

And since different types of relationships obviously call for different methods of celebration, we assembled gift suggestions from couples in three distinct stages of their relationships.

Get a Room

(three months or less)

For the newly dating, Valentine’s Day is less of a significant landmark, and more of another reason to go out to dinner and be excited about each other. The necessity of any gift at all is questionable, as this relationship is still very young. But if you are in this situation and wish to show that you care in a way more than spoken words, we found some possibilities for you.

What girls are receiving: Lots of dinners. Flowers. Chocolates. Especially when you are just starting, it is certainly the thought that counts.

What they want: “Not chocolates or something clich