February 12, 2001

Women's Squash Unswayed By Loss

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Sometimes the score just doesn’t tell the entire story.

So even though the stat sheet of this Saturday’s women’s squash match may have read 9-0 in favor of top-ranked Trinity College, the Cornell squad was nonetheless remarkably upbeat after its loss to the Bantams in Hartford, Conn.

“We’re feeling pretty positive about it,” said captain Kate Lytle. “Even though we didn’t win any matches, with each game people felt very confident about what they did.

“The fact that we were able to compete with them is really exciting.”

The tightest match of the competition took place at the no. 6 position. Megan Schwartz took Mollie Anderson to the brink, but eventually succumbed by a score of 3-2.

“We were able to elevate our games,” Lytle said.

Cornell’s top seed, Olga Puidemont-Sola was defeated by Amina Helal, 3-0. Kellen Hecksher, Andrea McNeely, Lytle, Melinda Lee, Sandy Hah, Lisa Marx, and Rachel Perschetz also fell, 3-0, in their respective matches.

This weekend’s performance should help the Red become battle-tested before next weekend’s national championship (the Howe Cup) at Yale. Cornell will play Princeton in the first round of the tournament on Friday.

Said Lytle, “I’m very confident if we play well against them, we can beat them.”

Archived article by Shiva Nagaraj