February 16, 2001

Test Spin: Death By Stereo

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One sunny day in the world of punk the Offspring raped Pennywise, and from their bloody loins came forth Death By Stereo. This would mirror the ruin of punk by new age metal claiming to have something deep to say but not really saying it all that well.

The album Day of the Death sounds like Offspring, Pennywise, and a plethora of other great bands. They have a good drummer and guitarist, but unfortunately their album constantly tries to prove this. Death by Stereo could be a good band in two years if they get original, throw some surprises into their monotonous rhythms and riffs, and stop taking themselves so seriously. The best song on the album, “You Mess With One Bean, You Mess With the Whole Burrito,” gets really close to being amazing. But hey, punk with potential beats Jennifer Lopez any day.

— Paula Neudorf

Archived article by Paula Neudorf