February 16, 2001

Women's Squash Heads to Howe Cup

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The women’s squash team is tournament bound — cup bound that is. The squad travels to New Haven this weekend to participate in the Howe Cup — the NCAA tournament equivalent for collegiate squash.

The competition is billed as one of the most venerable prizes in women’s squash in the country.

In its early days, the Howe Cup was an inter-city gathering for teams from New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. It has grown into a national competition, adding an intercollegiate division to go along with the inter-city wing.

The tournament’s namesake, Margaret A. Howe, was the United States champion in 1929, 1932 and 1934.

College squads came onto the scene in 1973, the result of the efforts of Princeton coach Betty Howe Constable and Pennsylvania headwoman Ann Wetzl.

The tournament has been hosted by Yale every year, with the exception of 1999, when it migrated north to Harvard.

Schools bring one team of nine players with the option to bring one substitute.

Historically, Princeton and Harvard have owned the tournament, splitting the grand prize in all but three years.

The squash team currently sits on a record of 6-4, after taking six of its last seven matches.

Archived article by Gary Schueller