February 20, 2001

Rhodes Hall Break-In Investigation Underway

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A Cornell Police investigation of an attempted burglary at Rhodes Hall last Thursday afternoon has yet to produce any suspects, but the case remains open.

Someone attempted to break into the School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering (ORIE) administrative office at 206 Rhodes Hall at approximately 6 p.m. on Thursday. While nothing was reported stolen, one handle was removed from a door and another was partially removed, according to Sidney Resnick, ORIE director. No other damages were observed.

The police were alerted to the incident by a complaint from a staff member, according to the Cornell Police morning report.

The ORIE office is used for administrative purposes and serves as a reception area. In addition, students drop off their homework and mail is deposited there. Resnick added that the office also contains numerous types of audio-visual equipment, laptops and projectors.

“It is not clear that they were trying to take anything,” he said. “It is pure speculation.”

At the time of the burglary, Rhodes Hall was unlocked so that students could access its computer facilities and laboratories during nighttime hours. There is no alarm system installed in the office.

“We are balancing security issues versus building access issues,” Resnick said.

An e-mail alerting students and faculty of the incident also requested additional information regarding the people involved in the burglary. Any responses should be sent to the Cornell Police.

“I am not concerned because there are a lot of things to worry about, and this is just one of them,” Resnick said.

Archived article by Rachel Pessah