February 22, 2001

Gotta Have It!

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This week we are going to try something different. Due to popular demand and the rising presence of fashion victims on campus, we will not be focusing this week’s column on technology. Instead, we are going to explore the world of fashion. Now, I’m a guy so I don’t know that much about women’s fashion — or guy’s fashion for that matter. I’d rather be watching the latest DVD or playing with a new gadget than count how many pairs of Mavi jeans someone owns. However, I can tell you that technology opens up a world of opportunities for the shopping deprived students of Cornell. Thanks to the Internet, students are no longer limited to wearing puffy-shirts (which are back in style, by the way) from ZuZu’s in the Commons, or the Spring 2001 collection from J.C. Penny in the Pyramid Mall.

The following are what I find to be some of the more fashionably loud websites for your perusal. M&T Checkcards ready… start your browsers… and… go!

A republic where the chinos count!

Okay, so let’s start with the basics. Banana Republic (found in most malls throughout the country, but noticeably missing from Pyramid) is one of the largest chains of designer stores in the country. Their clothing unleashes a bit of the great outdoors into clothing that girls and guys can feel comfortable wearing to the latest club in NYC. Shopping Banana online is really simple; they have some of their best wearz picked out and even sorted together as outfits (for the shopper who doesn’t like to have to think about what matches).

In addition, Banana has a fantastic customer service department (which is also in effect in their retail stores) that requires all Banana stores to accept returns on ALL their clothing. What does that mean? Well, if you wear your new sweater out on Saturday and want a new one on Monday, return it and they will offer a full refund. Now I don’t endorse this type of action, but I do know a few people who take advantage of it. Either way you look at it, Banana on the web is one of the easiest online environments to spend your cash in. (www.bananarepublic.com)

A Real NYC Warehouse

The label conscious, gotta love ’em. In fact, I have them to thank for the title of my column. Picture this scene (another clue as to where I’m from): you are in the mall and you see 12 year old girls carrying their Prada bags with their Donna Karan necklace, and as they walk by the Louis Vutton store they see a planner that induces a loud ‘I gotta have it!’ Well fortunately Ithaca doesn’t have malls like that; however, the Internet is a great place to get brand-name goodies. Bluefly.com is the Internet’s answer to an outlet store full of the latest in designer wear from Diesel to Zegna. This is a great place to get the latest deals on last season’s top designer picks. And at Cornell I don’t think anyone will notice you’re wearing last season’s blouse; I mean the weather is the same here eight months out of the year anyway. (www.bluefly.com)

Now for something totally different

Then there’s GuyShop.com and GirlShop.com. I don’t think I’ve ever considered buying anything off either of these sites, but they certainly have some eclectic taste. If you are a girl and have a craving for an $11 Gypsy Top then this is the place to go. As for guys, they have some really strange stuff as well — such as vintage tee-shirts for $30. This is a site for the most fashion-edgy people you know. Be Warned. (www.guyshop.com, www.girlshop.com)

America is a funny place

Well if you can’t find what you want to wear this spring on the Internet, you could always trade your shoes for someone elses shirt. Ebay, the popular auction site is filled with people selling their old underwear, coats and the likes. However, there are also some sellers out there who sell some great unworn clothing from display racks. These people are few and far between, so don’t start bidding on $1 Armani socks; who knows where those have been? (www.ebay.com)

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