February 22, 2001

Sweet Mercy

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Has anyone else been wondering what Keanu Reeves is still doing in Hollywood? If you are one of the many movie watchers contemplating this question, the answer is a film called Sweet November, and sweet Jesus, is it awful.

Based on a screenplay originally released in 1968 and written by Herman Raucher, Sweet November follows two characters portrayed by Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron. Reeves plays Nelson Moss, the workaholic genius of a high power advertising firm who encounters Sara Deever (Theron), a quirky woman who sets out to “help him” change his unenjoyable lifestyle. Sara’s mode of help requires Nelson to “be her November,” or live with her for one month, away from the arena of corporate America. With all expenses paid and all amenities included, this may seem like a rather dicey set up, until the two predictably fall completely in love. Oh, how sweet